Friday, 1 July 2011

The luck of the Irish

This weekend i decided to do somthing completly different; I flew out to Ireland today.
The flight left at 6:45, and the trains started at 5:08. Great, i thaught. i will have plenty of time to get to the airport.  The first train was alright, but the second train did not start until 5:50. Hmmm, that is not good. Fortunately, 2 other girls were also trying to get to the airport, so we caught a cab together. it cost me £20, but much cheaper than any of the alternatives.
I was a bit supprised at how Dublin looks. Maybe i am just use to tall glass sky scrapers. None of that around here though. In fact, this place is closer to gelong in terms of the size of the buildings.
I got to the four courts hostel at 9:00 in the morning, checked in, then was given "Skanky Franky" to get me into the luggage room (pic below). This place has some fascinating murals on the walls. One is shown below.
Next,I helped myself to breakfast. It is supplied here free, but only available until 9:30. I recon that is some cruel trick of getting people out of bed. Doesnt always work though!
I walked around the city for a while. Wow, this place has soooooo many pubs. I finally settled on Christchurch cathedral. The crypt which it is built upon is aparantly the oldest structure in dublin.  They filmed part of the series "The Tutors" in the crypt and in the church.
I slept for 4 hours in the afternoon,  then got up in time for a "guided pub crawl". they got about 35 people here.

It was a bright sunny day today; one of the best. The temperature went all the way to 18 degrees! Silly me put my jumper in the wash.
I did a guided walking tour of Dublin today. They had a lot of info about the politics during the tour. I am amazed at the confused architecture here. Theres about 3 distinct styles, sometimes in the one building!
After the tour, I went shopping for a jumper. Incredibly enough, about 90% of all the jumpers have a hood on them!  the 10% that don't, are too expensive for my budjet. the only one without a hood, and in my budjet, is a Guinness jumper, made of cheap materials.  I wound up buying a green hoodie with "Ireland" printed on it and some fancy decorations on it.  I was nearly going to buy another hat, but didn't.
I went back to base, and caught the last 5 minutes of some harry potter movie that others were watching. Then they switched movies, and we watched "getting over ________" i cant remember the name.

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