Tuesday, 19 July 2011

19/7 Reader Beware!

I must start with a whinge. I am sick of warm beer, I am sick of cold showers and I am really really sick of squat toilets with only one paper roll between 4 cubicles! I would love to sit peacefully on a loo for 20 minutes with a cold beer, then go for a nice warm shower. In their defence, at least the toilets have a door, the showers don't. Would be nice if they would lock. Even better if the flush would actually get rid of the waste, rather than just leaving the bulk of it there. Bit of a mistake to think everyone has a well aimed shot straight down the hole.
Now I have said that, on with the rest of the blog.

Midday start again. Navigation, swim, 2 ice cream, at the same time, then it is evening. The shop keepers have given up on telling us the price of stuff, now they just type it on a calculator and show it to us.

In the evening was a movie. Spoken in another language with esperanto subtitles. I didn't follow it very well; Cerbo ne funkcias tiel rapide.

Night was a concert with Jomo.
Turns out, he sings in 22 languages.

Photo of interesting feature in the local park.

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