Friday, 29 July 2011

26/7 Carlesburg brewery and Christiania

Today was a trip to the brewery. What a sweet smell it was! They have the worlds largest beer bottle collection, about 20,000 by memory. However I could not find any Australian beer, so it wasn't a complete collection. I had only just got through the brewery when it was time to go. This was an issue as the entry ticket entitled me to 2 free beers. To solve this dilemma, I stayed at the brewery. They were very nice beers!

I chose not to go straight back to the conference, like the bus did. Instead, I walked through the city. I remembered about a hippy community that took over an abandoned naval base in the 70's, called Christiania. As I approached, I saw 3 girls getting excited over a suspicious looking package. I soon found out why. There is about 20 or more stalls selling all varieties of top quality marijuana and hashish. There was also food and drink stalls and cafe's. I am not sure if they were selling herbal food and drink, I didn't buy anything......... honest, I didn't!
The whole village is definitely hippy, with graffiti and bright multi-coloured t-shirts everywhere.
The evening was a concert, then a meal of spaghetti, with another beer ($20 aud in total), with 3 other esperantistoj from the UK (the country). I couldn't help but think of the irony; 4 fluent English speakers, (3 native) in a country that has worked hard at learning English, discussing the menu in esperanto, the "internacia lingvo".  Curiosity got the better of the waiter, "what language are you speaking?". He had never heard it before and couldn't quite figure out where it came from!
The last item of the day was a theatre production in esperanto about a piece of its history.

Photo's: a good feed at the brewery, the gates and the internals of Christiania

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