Friday, 15 July 2011


Another midday start. We didn't get to bed until 2 am. Too many interesting conversations. We cheated by speaking English. There is a word for somebody who speaks another language when we are suppose to speak esperanto; kokadilo, or crocodile.
It rained today, actually it was a thunder storm, so we stayed indoors playing card games. There are few new games that I have never heard of.
In the evening, we went into the city..... I think. We found another restraint. Again, it was highly decorated inside. A bonus was that many labels were in English. This was a relief as I was getting sick of not knowing what I was eating. I normally asked for something that was 'bongusta' or 'very good', or if I had no local around me, I would just point to what looked interesting. Whatever I got, I am calling it "Ukrainian surprise". Anyhow, this time I new what I was eating. The process is quite simple, we grab a tray, then place plates or bowls of whatever we want on it, then pay at the cash register.

Someone on the bus thought we were Ukrainians studying international language. I guess tourists don't normally get on the bus.

The photo is some random building. I only took two, and the other was of the footpath parking.

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