Wednesday, 27 July 2011

24/7 UK opening

This is being written 4 days late, so its gonna be quick.
The opening consisted mostly of boring speeches. The day was a consent with the band Kajto. I tried to listen to some of the lectures, but I didn't understand them. I get a slight impression that "english bashing" is a favorite hobby of some Esperantists. I think they need to get over their objections to English. It doesn't do their cause any good.

The frustration of the day came from an evening concert featuring local musicians, the sort of thing I like. I thought I arrived 10 minutes early. Turns out, I arrived 80 minutes late. Someone decided to move the start time forward an hour and a half. The only place this was written was in esperanto, in a daily newsletter. The 2nd objection I have of this lot is their assumption that everyone fully understands esperanto here. After all, it is still a language that needs to be learnt. This has caused me a few problems here. They really do need to recognise English a lot more; sometimes it is needed, even at an esperanto conference. How many international conferences is important information only available in one language? Maybe it is just the old folks that forgot what it is like to learn. Maybe its just me still being upset about the concert start time being changed.

Photos: outside the congress centre, inside the centre, and the concert hall.
Photo game; where's the bloody toilet. at some point in the next few posts, there will be a public toilet in a photo. See if you can spot it! I was starting to believe Copenhagen didn't have public loo's until I had to ask. Turns out, the loo was only a hundred metres away!

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