Tuesday, 19 July 2011

18/7 cat

Today I felt like a cat; I got up to eat and then went back to bed.
The afternoon started with an attempt at hand clothes wash. When we asked for a laundry, we were given 2 buckets. There are about 300 people here! Oh, there has been no hot water for about 5 days. The water we get to wash in is colder than the beer we get to drink! I tried to wash my clothes under a cold shower. At least I had my content bag to hold them.
Post the attempted wash, the afternoon consisted of language courses, that was somewhat strange! Learning a language I don't know through a language I only half understand. The funny thing is, i learnt as much Japanese today as I remember of German over 3 years! Another class was "why English sucks as an international language". It was quite popular!

The interesting conversation of the day was with 2 other blokes. One spoke only esperanto, but could understand English,(he could not speak it confidently). The other spoke only English, but couldn't be bothered speaking esperanto. Then there was me, speaking esperanto when I could, but clarifying in English when necessary. I was amazed how much I could understand. I may yet reach fluency!

I found the following article about the ijk.

Photos are: the front of the building with banner and flags, indoor garden,(double glazed windows everywhere as its freezing here in winter), and a sample of the "food".

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