Sunday, 17 July 2011

17/7 tour of Kiev

Today was a walking tour of Kiev. I don't remember names of places, but have got lots of photos. In order of appearance: war memorial and park land, small history museum with Ukrainian art work, church/cathedral ground, crypt, more park land, bridge with locks on it, CBD back to base.
Of particular note was the crypt and the bridge. The crypt is still working and was packed with people praying. Given the low narrow passages this made moving difficult and the whole crypt hot!
From a distance, the bridge looked normal. Once we were 1/3 along it we noticed a large number of locks on it. Many were genuine antiques. It appears they are placed there by lovers as there are messages of love engraved on the locks.
So far I have not mentioned the "disabled" ramps. The photo says it all.
Concert at the end of the day.

Photos: part of very large war memorial, me in front of Kiev, girl playing at thingamibob (we went to a large church ground. Multiple weddings throughout the day. Amazing singing in the church.). A 'good'  ramp for wheel chairs and Prams, and finally, a much loved brand, Ukrainian style.

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