Friday, 15 July 2011

11/7 More Kiev

Midday start again. This time it applies to 3 people, not just me. A woman woke me up in the morning. It took me a while to realise she was speaking in esperanto. This was an issue as I was replying in English and she ne komprenas. She became our tour guide for the day. First it was the shops for supplies, then a bus trip back to a park. There was a lake where people swim. We didn't, we were not prepared. We stayed and ate a little bit, then had half a nap while talking. After a while, we walked to a nearby church, highly decorated. We even got inside. It looked amazing inside, but I did not know if I could take a photo, so I didn't.
From here we walked to a grove, where there was a natural spring. Of course, there was religious stuff everywhere. There was even a pool where people get baptized from the spring water.
Back to base, then to the neighboring restaurant, and back to base for more.......... never mind.

Photos are: the park, the church, the restaurant and the beer.

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