Friday, 15 July 2011

14/7 ijk, the beginning.

Today the kongreso officially started. The two phrases of the day are "kio okazas" followed by "mi ne scias". In English, "what's happening" followed by "I don't know". Registration was suppose to occur in the morning....... it didn't. Lunch, well...... mi ne scias. The small group I was in got Ukrainian surprise to eat. When re got back to base we discovered that everyone had disappeared to the opening across town. The trip took 3 taxis and an hour to get the group across, but only cost 20 somethings per person. I will mention, the only reason I have not written the name of the currency yet is because I can not spell it!
We missed most of the speeches, but but caught the start of the concert, so it worked out alright. The concert consisted of Ukrainian bands, they sounded fantastic.
We got back to base on public transport, and got to tea late. Again, this worked out well as we got the executive lounge! Big table, comfy chairs well decorated room, bonega! After eating we watched Ukrainian news. kindof strange as we did not understand the language. After a while, we saw what we wanted to see, the ijk on national TV! For a brief moment, my face was in it!
Night time consisted of games, card games (sortof), disco and lots of........ never mind.

an interesting book for communication,the only photo I took with my phone today.

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