Thursday, 7 July 2011

London Again

I managed to get up and stay up at 9:00am today!  Incredible i know.  I also had to check out at 10.  I stayed in the movie room and watched "hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy" Who knows, the knowledge gained may help me here if the earth were to be suddenly blown up. For example i should never forget my towel. Hmmm, That advise would have been very useful on numerous occasions before.
I got to the airport with about 3 hours to spare. I dared to eat burger king (hungary jacks), and immediately regretted it. I recon they heated up my chicken burger in the microwave. I ordered oringe juice on the plane. It came in a can! That's different.
I got to my next lodging, Palmers Lodge at Willesden Green in London, at around about 8:00 pm. Once again, i am in the dungeon. Once again, it stinks. Well, not the "oh my god, i am going to die" type of stink, just the "this place could really do with some air" stink.  There is only about 3 windows on one side, and 2 of them are open. The place looks alright though. On the up side, this place has its own pub, Woohoo. Upon visiting the toilet, I discovered this place has backside cleaners! I must try that some time. I found out at 10:40 that they serve food until 10:30.  Bugger. Pizza hut it is then.

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