Friday, 15 July 2011

7/7 8/7 Vegemite, Fosters and Curry

Breakfast here is at a better time; stops at 10. I started exploring the local area at 11 which is quite good given my recent activities. The first stop was the supermarket. This is the first in London I have seen that is of decent size. In among other things, I finally found my vegemite! And it comes from Australia.
My walk consisted of local streets, the local grave yard and a park. The park had a small 9 hole golf course. It only cost 6.50 so I went for a round. My drives were improving over the holes, but my puts need work. I scored 36.
Night time was occupied by another pub crawl with 4 people from the hostel. 2 I met that night and a girl I met the night before. The most amazing thing were these horse stables that were converted into a large night club. We wouldn't have found it if it were not for the pub crawl tour. It was here I had my one and only Fosters. Turns out it is brewed by Budweiser in Scotland, so it was drinkable. This place had a room full of fosters stubbies! It is amazing that London drinks so much of the stuff. Turns out the US national drink, Budweiser, is also drunk IN the US! And they drink LIGHT!
We had a bizarre experience trying to get a taxi to get back to the hostel; the 1st taxi driver said "sorry, I am not going in your direction", then drove off. Huh? That's different!

The day started at midday again. I went on 2 walking tours, a London city tour followed by a "jack the ripper" tour. Where we learnt all about murders, beheadings, death and disease. The tour finished near Brick lane, which is full of Indian restraunts, all with people on the footpath trying to suck you in. Turns out, 10 pound will buy 2 courses and a glass of red wine!

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