Sunday, 24 July 2011

22/7 planes, trains and bicycles....... and Copenhagen

Today was my first trip in a turboprop plane, times 2. I had a very brief stop in some airport, I don't know the name. I got to Copenhagen airport in 3 hours, landing at 12:30. The airport appears small, but very busy.

My first opinions is that this is a very clean and friendly city. The "friendly" bit probably comes from the fact, almost everything is in the local language and English, and I recognise the alphabet. Makes things so much easier. If only someone thought of using just one simple language across the world 100 years ago, trips would me much easier for all of us. Hang on......someone did! 
Some of the trains here do not have drivers. They are automated. It's quite fun to sit where the driver normally would sit. The trains with drivers are like 1st class in every cabin, complete with tv! Some even have personal lights and power points. The trains and busses have free wifi. The public transport also runs on time, and not a minute late.
The surprises do not stop there. There are bicycles everywhere. Many antiques, dedicated bike paths everywhere. outside the central station was at least 1000 bikes.

I discovered my pre-ordered accommodation opens tomorrow, so I needed accommodation for 1 night. Again, all the hostel are booked out. For the first time on this trip, I booked a hotel room. I almost fainted with the room. Good bed, sit down toilet, with paper, hot shower, even a tv! In English!!! then I discovered, no electricity. After a quick trip to reception, I discovered that my key card needs to go in the box next to the door to turn on the power. That's different.
As I have not properly washed my clothes for 2 weeks, I tried To find a laundry, so I asked reception. They pointed me to a street that has one, but they also warned me about what else I will find. The laundry was closed, but the girls were open......wiiiiiide open. As were the brothels and sex shops. I had barely stepped into the street when one girl grabbed my backside and tried to drag me away. A little further on were the restaurants. The food smelt good, and the pad thai noodles tasted good. No more Ukrainian surprise!
I spent the rest of the time, sitting on the loo, using good toilet paper, having a hot shower and watching TV in English. I never got the cold beer though.

Photos: Copenhagen city street with Esperanto sign, inside a train with the TV on the news.

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