Friday, 15 July 2011

15/7 мєтрологічнф

The word of the day is the name of where we are staying.......I think. I am not even too sure if I have spelt it correctly. It is kindof hard when I don't recognise the alphabet! The are 32 letters in the alphabet.  I have met Europeans who have travelled all over Europe, and this is the first time they have been somewhere where they don't recognise the alphabet. Next year the event is in Japan! That will be even worse!
I am getting better at Esperanto. I had a conversation with someone who does not speak english well. I recon only every third person here can actually speak English well. So much for "everyone speaks English"! The people who say that need to keep in mind, a person who does not speak English, will not talk to someone who only speaks English. I find it amazing how many languages people actually speak! It is also amazing how similar everyone is! What do you recon happens when a group of young people get together in an oversized house for one week? The only thing that may be considered abnormal is the working language, but even that becomes normal here! Then again, many people here recognise that they have 'strange hobbies'.

Today, after breakfast, we continued to do very little. I went to an Esperanto beginner course. Themselves out, I am not a beginner! I probably should have attended the Ukrainian language course.
Afterwards, we went to the local lake. This time we went swimming. I found a dead fish! I also spoke to the only other Australian for a while, in the middle of the lake, in Esperanto! At some point in the day, I found the local wifi access. I think I posted a weeks worth of posts. I have also heard of a fourth Esperanto event straight after the third. It is Festival in France.

The photos: Esperanto classes,inside the restaurant,and me with Jasmyn

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