Friday, 15 July 2011

13/7 The Island

I had an early start today; 10:30. The sun was shining, so we purchased some food and went to the island. To get there, you need local knowledge as the access is not sign posted, and down a few paths. We got to a river crossing and saw the raft that would take us across. It is made by lots of water bottles tied together with some wood on top. The island is used by locals as a holiday spot. There are hundreds of people camping on it, but it is big enough that you don't notice them. The people we met up with are local esperanto people
We went swimming; the water is actually quite warm. Then we ate, and talked, and sometimes lay down. One bloke grabbed a guitar and started sung some songs. I could almost see the esperanto equivalent of Nariel Creek folk festival.
Esperanto is starting to sound familiar,  but I can still only understand the general flow of the conversation, I still cannot get the details.  Staying in a country where I don't speak the language, attending an event where I understand only half the language, makes me realise how much can be communicated in body language and hand gestures alone!
In the evening we had food at another restraint. The meal was quite big and cost about 65 somethings, about 6.5 euro. Then we went to the supermarket again. A bottle of what I think is whisky, or similar, is only about 40 somethings for 250 ml! The prices here could be dangerous for me if I stayed too long.
More people arrived at the venue today. The main event gets started tomorrow.

A photo of the raft is on the camera, not on my phone. Shame. It is actually quite good.

The photos are: lunch,swimming and the bottle of what I think is whisky.

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