Monday, 1 August 2011

27/7 Vikings

Today was excursion day. I am heading off to the Viking ship museum. I am normally good at falling asleep in a bus, but the bloke on the microphone is talking me to sleep his voice just drones. On the map, the town looks far away, but it only took about an hour to get here.
It is good to finally see the ships that I was taught so much about at school. The long ship is surprisingly long! I was about to buy a drinking horn, but I can't afford the space in my bag, so I took a photo instead.
I could have stayed for longer, but the bus was leaving. Turns out, I was 20 minutes late, which did not impress the old fogies much; I had mis-understood the details discussed earlier.
The next stop was a church, which is where all the royal family are buried. Their casket's are amazing! There are also graves all over the floor of the church.
We then returned to Copenhagen mid-afternoon. I decided to walk around the city again. First I went to a supermarket for cheap eats. Here, I found the first true Australian beer in Europe. Unfortunately, it was VB. They could have chosen a better beer.
Next was a walk around the castle. As it was late, most things were closing. I got to see through the door of the chapel where the royals get christened, and walk all around the buildings.
Evening was another concert in the streets. It was interesting watching people stop to figure out what the language was.

Photos: part of the castle, the concert, the river next to the concert

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