Tuesday, 9 August 2011

7/8 trip to Festo in France.

Taxi at 2:50 am, bus at 3:20, bus, train, train, train........ um...... a lot of transport and running around. In total, 17 busses, trains and trams to get from Nitra in Slovakia to Castle Grésillon ,near Baugé, in France. I am taking what is called a "caravan". This is a group of people who collectively travel together to get from one esperanto event to the next. The best part is, someone who knows public transport in Europe has already figured out the complete voyage! If you want an International European party holiday, and still take in the sights and stories, this is how it is done! And at an excellent price. The only pre-requirement; learn esperanto. Beginners accommodated.
The train going through Austria does not appear to have any level crossings!
we got to mulhonoe ville??? In France at 23:17, ate, then slept for 4 hours in what we thought was our next train. Turns out, it was just a random train parked at the station. The staff new we were there though. We got on the correct train before it left. We slept on it for 4 hours more as it made its way to Paris.
I was impressed to watch the ease of our great guide, Alex, as he crossed Europe with ease, speaking German, French, English, and of cause, Esperanto. I believe he is learning Italian.

We got to Kastelo Grésillon at about midday; 33 hours later. Silly me wants to go back to Hungary afterwards!

Photos: a small car packed with 4 people and bags. Bags were also stored on laps for the trip. Kastelo Grésillon. This place is owned by the Esperanto movement.

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