Tuesday, 2 August 2011

30/7 Voyage to Nitra

I woke up to a beautifil Bratislava morning with a nice view of the River. Turns out, this is the longest river in Europe. Shame i need to leave so quickly.
I gave my bat keys back to the front desk, then browsed the internet while i still had wifi. after a short period of time, i needed the toilet. this is when i remembered that i am back in the old USSR teritory, as the morons stuck the toilet roll outside the cubicle again. I can only assume it is some dumb Russian idea of effeciency.
I walked outside, and this time, i caught the tram to get back to the bus stop. when i got on, i notised the lack of ticket buying boxes and conductors. i asked a bloke where i buy the tickets, and he pointed to a box on the side of a road. he said he would tell me if he saw any ticket inspectors.
I got off the tram and decided to walk the rest of the way, and see a bit of the city. I found a great hamburger place that sells hamburgers influenced from different countries. I got the French one. The English burger looked a little miserable. Someone really needs to teach the pom's how to make a hamburger.
I got on the bus for Nitra with my new esperanto hat. Within a few moments, someone sat next to me and said "saluton". Well, my hat works. This bloke is Robert, from England, but working as an English teacher in Germany. I am sure 80% of Esperantists are either in a technical field or some kind of linguist field.
We got to Nitra, and again, the location of the next bus stop was not known. Fortunately, another traveller knew where it was. This was fortunate, as I did not want to walk again.
The venue was a rather small university. Good bed, good toilet, toilet roll in the cubicle for the room toilets, (main toilets still had one roll outside), hot water for 24 hours a day, and a pub that sells cold beer! 1 euro for a pint, or whatever their measurement is.

Photos: my breakfast burger in Bratislava, the street in bratislava with the tram, just outside the burger place, an esperanto bottle opener for sale. Does the format of the label look familiar?

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