Saturday, 27 August 2011

16/8 to 22/8, ijs at Búbánatvölgi

The train and bus trip was without problem. So much easier travelling with locals.
The accommodation is mostly good: seat toilets with paper, warm showers and good beds. Unfortunately the blanket was designed for children, so either my feet were covered, or my top torso were covered, but not both. I did find a 2nd small blanket for my feet.
First meal here was rice with deep fried mushrooms, aaaahhh, i'm gonna die here! Turns out, this was the first of a long line of terrible food, and not much of it. Mushrooms was a common feature for vegetarian dishes, which was bad for the vegetarian who did not like mushrooms, thankfully, I eat meat, which was often dry. The nearist store is a long walk away, so I can't just buy food, unless I bring it back from the nearest city, which I wound up doing.

Today was a trip into Esztergom, on the river border with Slovakia. We took the Tourist train to the first stop, Esztergom cathedral. This place has the 3rd biggest dome in the world. Amazing art work everywhere. I reached the top of the building; amazing view all around.
We played a version of "capture the flag", but we had words on our forehead, and if the other team read the word out loud, we died. The other tourists were very confused as to why there were groups of people walking around with forehead against forehead!
Boat trip on the river Danube was next. Big river! Then it was shopping in the City where I purchased some emergency wine, then back to camp by tourist train.
I had the Rose wine with food.  578 huf, That is about $2:50 Australian! still tasted better than the food by itself.
Night activities were, cooking by fire with meat,vegies and bread, followed by a Singing session. Many in esperanto, others in other languages such as Russian.

Mushroom soup for lunch, eeeuurrrk. The Hungarian word for mushroom is "gomba". I shall remember that word.
Played "hom-piedpilko" or human football. This game was first presented to me and another bloke at Festo in France, so we taught and played it here. On one occasion, I ran face first into the head of a team mate and got a blood nose. My sister would have been proud.

The rest of the days.
Wow, I'm really not maintaining this blog like I use to. I am currently writing this under an umbrella, at a pub, with a beer, in 35° heat, somewhere south of Budapest, and a nice lake awaits me,  so please forgive me for my vagueness here!

At some stage we went for a walk around the local hills. Amazing views of the Danube and surrounds. Someone nailed a dummy Jesus to a cross somewhere around the top and overlooking the Danube. I didn't understand the reason why; It wasn't quite Rio.
A sports day occurred at some point. My team won, and we got 6 beers.
At the end of the week, we had the traditional international concert where anyone can do anything for up to 5 minutes. I decided to teach the heel and toe polka in esperanto.
Other curious highlights include: watching two slugs have sex, and sampling some if the best ukranian wines.
Overall, the event was well organised. My Esperanto skills have improved considerably, so it was a bit more entertaining for that reason as well.

Photos are: the tourist train, the river from the hill, and a sample of the "better" food, with my rose wine.

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