Friday, 2 September 2011

23/8 to 27th Mela

I am at my 6th Esperanto event, Mela in Hungary, south of Budapest. This is a very relaxed camping event, beside a lake, with about 7 people. Lots of sleeping, swimming (sen vestoj. Iam bone, iam strange. Estis la unua fojo ke mi ĉeestis tian lokon. Ankaŭ bone ke mia familio ne eblas legi ĉi vortojn), eating and beer. Not much more to say. The camping is free, but there is lots of rubbish dumped here. The lake is one of dozens of man made lakes in the district. They are old stone quarries. The Danube river once flowed here, so all the stones are rounded.
The area also has a lot of industrial hemp plants growing wild on the side of the road, which was a bit strange. For those that don't know, industrial hemp lives in the cannabis family of plants.
Trained into Budapest for a Hungarian "BBQ" which consisted of beef goulash cooked over a fire, very good. Why couldn't the last place cook like this? The BBQ happened in the backyard of what appeared to be the Main organizer, and office, and house, of the local Esperanto movement. There was about 12 people there. The strange thing was, it could have been in Australia, but it was Budapest, with a pot over a fire, and speaking Esperanto.
Just saw the foxtrot being danced at a restaurant. South of Budapest. Very amusing.
I am amazed how many songs on the radio are in English, it must be almost 3/4 of all songs. I am equally amazed where I can find "Britney spears" posters.
A noisy wedding procession went by, with car horns blaring.

Photos: house for sale, and a steak with chips at the restaurant with the fox trot. All scene photos were taken on my camera, so not able to post.

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