Friday, 2 September 2011

28/8 to 1/9, Vienna

Today 3 of us bussed from Budapest to Vienna, for €15 each on orangeways, very cheap. This company was told to us by a local Esperantist. We got to some lake / park (called donau auen) near Vienna, (ankaŭ sen vestoj. Mi pli kaj pli ŝatas tian lagojn), and pitched the tent. Turns out, this park has a few wild pigs. Not a big problem for me, but proved a headache for our local Esperantist and guide, Angela.
Trying to find food was a small issue. The first place, closed. Second, expensive, and must buy a drink. Third, open, and good food. On the way back to the tent, we heard a pig somewhere in the bushes. Angela spent the night thinking the pigs were close and didn't get much sleep. The following nights she slept in her apartment in Vienna.

Today started with swim, then we went into the city.
Saw another church, purchased an interesting fridge magnet "there are no kangaroo's in Vienna", saw a few other buildings, back to the apartment for food, then me and Brandon returned to the tent.

Today was a swim, then to the esperanto museum. This place was interesting, but small. We then walked around what I think was the old palace grounds, which were now library's and museums. Angela told us all about the sex parties of the elite from many years ago, and how all the important buildings have statues of naked people on it. Also in the grounds was a food, beer and wine festival. Dad would have spent a week in these grounds. We decided to eat here.
A further walk reviled an outdoor cinema, where we watched an Austrian opera about the devil or something, then we returned to bed. Angela tried to return to the tent, but then we heard another pig, so she returned to here apartment again.

Today I waved goodbye to Brandon, then shifted all my stuff to Angela's apartment, then went to the natural history museum. This place has got a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff. Even the building is amazing! There was one room for marsupials, so the room was almost dedicated to Australia. Towards the end, Angela was so tired, she slept at the entrance and waited for me to finish. It was dark by the time I had finished.
We went home, and had a feed of a pasta dish which was rather salty, showered, then bed. A nice, cosy, warm bed, without hard earth and lumps. The first in over a week.

well, I didn't get a full nights sleep, but it was a good night none the less....ahem.
Breakfast was at about 12:30, on the veranda, overlooking Vienna, with the remains of last nights food, and a bit extra. Then shower, cleanup, then off to the bus stop, once again, guided by Angela.
The bus trip was uneventful, and I got to the hostel reasonably easy. This hostel already appears much better than the last Budapest hostel I tried.
At night, I sat and listened to some classical string trio play music at a fancy restaurant next to the opera house, then bed.

Photo: me beside an elephant in front of natural history museum. All other photos on my camera.

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