Friday, 2 September 2011

8/8 to 13/8 Festo

Just realised, I have not written anything about festo, oops. Did I delete what I had written? Hmmm. Well, I can still remember the highlights.

Accommodation was good. They were lacking bed sheets, so I used my own. I did have a double bed, bit of a shame I had nobody to share it with. Toilets were good, and they had this weird, toiletty thingy in the room, but the bottom was flat, and hqs a plug in it. My room mate told me it is for washing your feet or your backside.

Food was always good, the best of all the esperanto events. The format was usually salad, or some appetizers, with bread, followed by main meal, with bread. Being France, the French always had wine with everything. I could always tell which plate was the French plate, as they always wiped the plate clean with bread.  The evening meal included desert. Once, it was caramalised Apple, mmmmmm.

The days had a few planned activities, but mostly it was do your own thing. There was one day tour to some local castles. Unfortunately, I can not remember the names. The first castle is the place where sleeping beauty was inspired and written. It is considered the most Disney castle in France. The second castle is the tallest in France. This place even includes its own theatre. It is actually 2 castles in one; The base and the 2 circular towers is an older castle. In the basement, they had more wine. Turns out, this place produces wine as well.

The evenings were usually concerts of different music groups, mostly esperanto, but not always.

One memorable family in attendance, they spoke esperanto at home, so the 2 kids (about 3 and 4) were native speakers. The little girl was almost always following her father. It was amusing watching her Chase after her father yelling "Paĉio atendu min" At one stage, he tried playing the piano, while reading music displayed on my phone, (sortof) he regularly stopped to scroll the screen), without a seat. No easy task, so his girl decided to try help him, by squeezing between his arms, between him and the piano, trying to scroll the music, usually at the wrong time, and playing some of the keys; very entertaining.

Photos: the weird toiletty thingy, Kastelo Grésillon at night, the "sleeping beauty" castle, desert

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