Sunday, 11 September 2011

10/9 to 18/9 Bonn

Another dot point blog entry.

Extended holiday to October
Doing well with my limited German.
Found bridge with holes specifically for love message padlocks.
Wasps in bakery, again.

Tried to find motorcycle for hire
Found Aparal store with prices half of that in Australia

No wasps in bakery today. The food must be bad today.
Found motorbike for hire, need international licence. Motorcycle tourism not developed in Europe.
There are change machines in supermarket for counting notes and coins and giving change. The checkout people (they are definately not chicks) don't even need basic math skills.
Watched German news about catching poisonous snakes in Australian city's . That should be good for tourism.

The rest of the days:
Watched lots of "big bang theory"
Lots of sleep
Scooter riders like riding on foot paths and bicycle paths.
Big-little sis talked me into visiting Rome.
Watched a water and light show in Bonn city centre.  They squerted water into the air in fancy patterns and projected light and images onto it, coordinated to music, with fireworks. Lots and lots of water wasted.

Tried to fly to Rome. Went to the wrong airport. Changed flight and went back to Bonn

Little people statues in a park.
An old style crane on display. A man runs in the wheel to raise and lower the crane.
Part of the water and light show
Some painted Beethoven's. He was born in Bonn.

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