Friday, 5 August 2011

28/7 & 29/7 nice surprise

I'm well behind, so this is going to be brief.
Can't remember much, because it was mostly boring congress stuff. I decided to buy another hat. This one is green with a light green star, and Esperanto on the front. Concert in the afternoon with Reverie was a surprise. My first impression was "wow, Emo's singing in esperanto. This is going to be tragic." The lead singer even had the stereotypical hair over the right eye, and had the flick perfected. But surprisingly, they were actually quite good. One of few esperanto groups that could almost make it in "normal" society.
Night time was an Esperanto film "La universala lingvo" followed by the Movie "attack of the lunar zombies". Is this really the best esperanto can do?
At night, I decided to hand wash my clothes. At least they were smart enough to place e the sink in the shower. Took about 1.5 hours under the shower while washing my clothes.

Congress in morning, flight in the evening, Vienna at night, Bratislava early morning, no instructions on where to find the bus stop. When found, last bus 20 minutes ago. Hostel not too far, let's walk; bad idea.  found building, where is reception??? 2:30 am, can't figure out door lock, finally get it after 5 minutes. Oh no, a second locked door.  2 minutes later, door opens from the inside; "hey man, what are you doing?" "sorry, couldn't figure out the door lock." Good night..... what's left of it.

Photo is the well disguised toilet. I had to find a photo of the toilet on the internet to figure out what they looked like. Turns out, this one was only 40 metres away. I thought it was a round advertising billboard! I couldn't use it cause I didn't have the right coins.
2nd is a bat that was used as a key ring in the Bratislava hostel.

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