Thursday, 30 June 2011

Holy Sphinx

There is one word to sum up today; Wow.
I started the day at the science museum. I thought that one day would do it..... naaaaah.  It was 1:00 pm when I got out of the steam section, and that was just the 1st floor. I didn't leave until they kicked me out. Even then I didn't have enough time.

From there, i walked to Harrods shopping centre. I wanted a 2nd jumper and a bowlers hat, (my Londony thing). I decided to start with some food at the food court. Clearly, i did not know what type of centre Harrods is. They have what i think is a food court, but all the places had a sign saying "please wait to be seated". I think i found a cheap dim sim somewhere, £10. I noticed a sea food place. The caviar (yes, they had 5 different types of caviar) was around £180. I should have been for-warned as the "food court" is in an amazingly decorated room. I decided not to eat at Harrods.
I walked from there to the watch shop. The best i found was a watch worth £68,000.  The place is not very easy to navigate, so i was getting a bit lost. I wound up in what appeared to be a pharaoh's tomb. No, this is the escalator. Well, i may as well go up.
I think i spent 4 hours hunting around, amazed at what was there, and who was there. I could tell who was rich. An amazing number of middle eastern families were there too. I eventually reached the top of the escalator. It was here i was confronted by a Sphinx. I actually found everything here, except the mens wear section. Turns out, that was in the basement. they had a half price sale on. Problem is, 50% of £160 is still more than what i can afford to spend on a jumper. The bowlers hat was £130. I left the place empty handed.
I wandered outside to find the expensive limousines, including a bright pink, left hand drive limo, with middle eastern number plates. The well to do people here somehow managed grid lock with only 12 cars. They took about 20 minutes to sort out their "grid lock", and not once, did they honk the horn.

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