Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Royal Albert

I bid farewell to my kind hosts, took one last pic (below). The woman on the left is another pasporta servo guest, from France we surprised the couple by requesting a visit on the same day. Then I quickly walked to the station to try catch the train. I watched it shut its doors and drive away. Fortunately, I gave myself a spare 3 hours to get to my destination.

I arrived at "smart Hyde park inn" in plenty of time. The name is a bit deceptive though. This place is basic accommodation, but only 11pound. I am in the basement, and it smells like a basement. Pay extra for a lockable drawer. They do supply the electronic lock though. The beds make me feel like I am on cattle class in the hull of a ship (pic below). I am in the bottom left cell. The showers were weak with almost no hot water. They certainly spared the expense here. The place is comfortable enough though.

I had to cross Hyde park to get to the hall. The weather, being a rare occasion with pure blue sky's and 30°, had dragged all the bikini-clad woman and topless men out. There must have been one head per 2 square metre. Given the size of the park, that makes over a thousand bikini-clad girls! I thought it strange how they are out in swimmers with no water, But then I found a puddle of water, (pic below). Curiosity once again struck when I realised, nobody was swimming in said puddle of water.

The Royal Albert Hall is big. I was up the top getting dizzy looking down. I have seen this sort of place in movies before, but they don't compare to being there. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra played 3 tunes, the last one I even new the name of; Oh Fortuna. I have never heard that piece in full before.

The return trip to base-ment camp took me along the serpentine; a long puddle of water. Still no swimmers, but plenty more..... oh, never mind. To the credit of the Londoners, the kids were playing in the Diana memorial fountain.

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