Sunday, 26 June 2011

Getting lost with a map and an address

24/6/2011: Packing my bags, I discovered why the previous owner sold my big backpack to me for a bargan price. In other news, my sister will be happy to know, I have already used 2 cable ties....... now holding the shoulder straps of my bag on. I tried to find the hat I lost yesterday; I didn't find it.
I am back on the buses today. First observation, the light. Turns out, England does have a sun! First stop, the palace, again. This time to see the changing of the guards. The guards were alright, but the most amazing thing was the number and variety of people there. It was a game of spot the English speaker! Clearly royal families still have some interest left in the world.
Back on the bus for the next venue, the eye of London. This was truly an amazing sight. It was sooo big, it was incredible. The trip was worth it just to see it! No, I am talking about some oversized ferris wheel, I am talking about the line to get on! There is a permanent sign saying "half an hour wait from here", but the line continued on further.
From here was the boat trip, getting off at tower of London. I can almost imagine the building in it's heyday. I only had enough time to explore the edges before getting back on the bus and start travelling to my next bed. I tried to hire a bike to get back to where my bag was, but the payment system only accepts smart credit cards, and not magnetic strip. Poop. Train it is then.
Another train took me close to my pickup point. This is the point when I new I was in London. It is summer, the rain is falling (again), and everyone naturally grabs their umbrella! Everyone, except me. Well, when in Rome.....(or London). I now am the proud owner of a black and white pinstripe umbrella.
One bus took me within 500 metres of my destination, the London Irish association, where I will find the Esperanto meeting, and my contact. This is when the title of this blog becomes apparent. The map and the street address tells me the building should be here, but it is a block of flats. the street numbers are screwed up, and the street names do not make sense. I even got so desperate, I asked for directions. They all pointed me in the wrong direction. I found a pub and said I was really confused, so they gave me a business card........ with their address on it. Yeah...... great help fella's. after 2 hours, I finally found the place, on the diagonally opposite corner of the park. I finally met my contact: Ian and Helen.
The esperanto group here speaks only in esperanto! I tried my best, but often needed to use English. we then drove back to their place in Newbury , speaking Esperanto all the way. Wow, what have I got myself into? This is hard enough in an easy language. I would be very frustrated if it were a complex natural language!
Gxis la relego

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