Thursday, 23 June 2011

Wimbledon. Game, set and match!

Wimbledon, you win. You served up your finest. I hit back briefly when I found 2 nights accommodation, but you recomposed yourself. After some really bad McDonald's pancakes, and one morning of searching, all I found was 16 hostel's fully booked! I give up. I'm going country. Enter pasporta servo! "Saluton sinjoro. Cxu vi havas liton por mi?" Ok, I cheated, I spoke English. But I do have a bed for 2 nights :) just not in London. Last nights room mate was forced to take shelter on a mate's floor for tonight. For lunch I decided to grab a bar meal. Louise told me to buy a beer as well. The beer was good, but the burger left me longing for McDonald's, even after the insult to taste buds that was the pancakes. Turns out, the Brits do not believe in filling up burgers with bunny food! In the afternoon I finally got a chance to do the touristy thingy. I got on the open bus tour. I only got off once at Buckingham palace. I learnt something there I didn't know before; there is a queen Victoria monument in front, (photo below). The palace really does symbolise England very well; grey, dull and domineering, (but not boring). I got the last bus back home, but got off early at Royal Albert Hall. Then I purchased a ticket for the Royal Philharmonic orchestra. Oh well, guess I'm coming back on Sunday now. More fascinating was how specific British strictness was, pic below. I went to another pub for tea, hoping the poms were actually capable of cooking (pic below). This time both the beer and the meal was good! Even better, they had free WiFi. The WiFi connection was temperamental though. I successfully booked accommodation for Sunday and Monday through internet. That's right, I snuck in a sneaky hit without Wimbledon noticing :D I also used the other great feature of pubs; meeting people. Without even trying I have learnt where I might find a free tent, in London, and a pirate festival in Penzance on Saturday, Arrr

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