Monday, 27 June 2011


Why call this blog V? Because I somehow deleted it and replaced it with the letter V. Grrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaag. Now I must rewrite. The cost of writing on a smart phone.
I have discovered an advantage of living in the basement; I can hear if the trains are running! The underground runs directly underneath.
The weather man reported 31 degrees today. Second day in a row. Apparently that is a heat wave! The hottest so far this year.
Bayswater subway sell halal meat. That's comforting to know. Not very relevant to me, but it is something different.
I took a stroll around Kensington palace. I have no photo of the building, but I did find a very curious little squirrel. He came right up to me, hoping for some food.
I saw a man basking as a statue today. When a coin was placed in his tin, he would do a little dance and slowly return to being a statue. That was alright, but more interesting was the man near him. He looked at me, then at his pad, back at me, then pad, me, pad, me, pad, then he turned the page. My glasses and wide brimmed hat must have caught his attention. His name is Aldous Eveleigh and he is doing 100 portraits every week for one year. I am in book 40.

The only other thing I did was an evening stroll around big Ben and district. The strangest thing there were a pair of scooters. The monument to the ww2 pilots was also amazing.

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