Monday, 20 June 2011

Flight to London.

I landed in London in one piece, and then it rained. The flight in Melbourne commenced nice and early; at the airport at 9:30 for a 12:30 flight. First purchase was a new wallet as the pound and the euro are too wide to fit in my normal wallet. Stulta paper currency! Oh well. This wallet has a security chain on it. I got to the desk and was put on a flight an hour early than planned; something bout an ash cloud caused virgin to advance some flights. We got out of Sydney with an hour before they closed the place. The flight was exciting, but that happens when I score a seat next to a cute girl. Her names Kate and its her third flight to the UK. I left the airport without properly planning my accommodation, bad idea. Almost all the accommodation centres are booked out due to tennis! I can tell this trip is going to be a challenge. I paid for a pee for the first time today. The sign said "self-cleaning" but I could still see a lot of the last user! I also found the Tardis (police box) for the first time. It is next to Earl's court station, near where I am staying. Gotta go make some calls for accommodation now. My current place runs out in 2 days. Let's see how well "passporta servo" works. (Its a bit like couch surfing). Hooroo.

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